How One Arizona Couple Had a Cool Summer Wedding

Dan Hansen and Tyren Dana had their hearts set on a summer, garden wedding, but living in Ahwatukee, Arizona with 105 degree temperatures provided a unique challenge. Also, this couple wanted something unique and creative for their wedding venue. They eventually decided to get Maui’ed. They would celebrate their marriage in two phases. The actual ceremony would take place in Maui, Hawaii and the reception two weeks later back in Arizona at Club West Golf Club in Phoenix. Dan had wonderful memories of Maui from many summer trips to the Valley Isle with his family while growing up. The family’s favorite place to stay was Napili Bay, an idyllic cove with a beautiful beach on Maui’s northwest coast. Not only did Dan want his new bride to experience this beautiful island paradise, he wanted both families to have an opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy this fantastic setting together.

Planning a wedding is stressful in and of itself, but planning for one that would be 2,800 miles away brought the challenge to a whole new level. The couple contacted White Orchid Wedding a wedding coordinator in Maui and LightRain Images by Lilet, a Chandler, Arizona wedding photography company. The wedding coordinator provided all the options and planning for the event in Maui and LightRain Images, which does destination wedding photography worldwide, was happy to provide a cost effective package price for photojournalistic coverage of both phases of the wedding celebration.

Dan and Tyren chose the beautiful Molokini lookout for their wedding site. Up the base of the famous Haleakala volcano, the Molokini lookout is the highest part of the Wailea Golf Club and has a spectacular view of the southwest coast of Maui, the Pacific Ocean, Lanai and of course the crescent moon shaped Molokini island. The event was planned for the late afternoon to take advantage of the beautiful sunset and the intoxicating 75-degree trade winds.

The afternoon before the day of the wedding, the traditional rehearsal dinner was held in a very non-traditional setting. Walking out to Kanaapali shores, the number one rated beach in Maui, the wedding party was excited to see the venue for the evening. A sleek 65-foot long sailing catamaran with its hulls nuzzled up into the soft sand was waiting to take the group on a sunset cruise. By order of the crew, shoes were removed on the beach and placed in a box for safekeeping. With sand between their toes, the guests stepped into the warm water lapping at the beach and up the stairs leading to the broad decks of the Teralani II. With everyone aboard, the catamaran was pushed back from the sand and headed south towards Lahaina, her streamlined hulls slicing smoothly through the crystal clear water and gentle waves off the western coast of Maui. The bar was opened and a friendly, attentive crew served a wide range of ice cold drinks. Following the drinks, a scrumptious feast was served that included, Mahi Mahi, Chicken Marsala, and other island specialties. Dan, Tyren and their friends and family enjoyed the pleasant trade winds and beautiful views of the ocean, the islands of Molokai and Lanai and the steep mountains of Maui, while the two destination wedding photographers, Glenn and Lilet from LightRain Images captured all the happy smiling faces enjoying the priceless moments visiting together in this unique, breathtaking setting and gorgeous lighting.

The wedding day was another day in paradise and the as the bride prepared her makeup, hair and gown,Lilet Hamp, captured all the details, such as; the flower bouquets, jewelry, dresses, rings and invitations and unique angles of the bride and her bridesmaids. Meanwhile, down the beach, the groom’s men were back from their morning of golf at the Bay Course and were hamming it up for the camera with the beautiful backdrops of Napili bay’s clear waters, palm trees and beach. In island shirts, sunglasses and island slippers the boys posed with a surfboard, on a rocky point and created many playful images sure to make the couple’s coffee table wedding album memorable.

The wedding party then boarded their limousine for the drive south to Wailea and the Molokini lookout for the wedding ceremony. The late afternoon sun shone softly on the ocean and Haleakala rising steeply through the clouds provided a dramatic backdrop for the nuptials. The beautiful ceremony included an acoustic guitarist playing Hawaiian folk songs and an authentic Hawaiian minister with a large seashell horn, which was blown ceremonially when the couple became man and wife. Right after the ceremony the wedding party made the short drive to the beach for a series of incredibly romantic photos with the ocean, surf and sunset in the background. When the sunset colors faded to deep reds, oranges, magentas the party returned to Wailea Golf Club and the Sea Watch Restaurant. At the garden patio, under millions of stars, the wedding party celebrated the union of Dan and Tyren and the joining of their families.

Two weeks later, after a romantic honeymoon, back in the valley of the sun, the couple celebrated with a larger group of friends and family at the Club West Golf Club. Nestled among the Saguaros and boulders of the South mountain Range, Club West provides a unique venue for a celebration. Friendly staff served from behind a huge bar beside the dance floor and dinning room with a view of the southern skies over a shimmering lake and the manicured fairways. Needless to say, the event was held indoors, with temperatures outside in the triple digits. Dan and Tyren Hansen enjoyed the best of both worlds for their wedding celebration, the cool breezes of the valley isle and the rugged beauty of the Sonoran desert in the Valley of the Sun.

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